Design Trend | Indoor Black Trim

I love the way black trim looks indoors. It's is a simple design trick to add dimension and interest to a room. They say that changing paint colour is the easiest and cheapest way to update a room and I agree to a certain extent. Let's be real though - it would be a huge pain to have to redo anything once you've had it painted so going with a neutral but graphic choice like black trim makes it a safer bet. I try to avoid trends as much as possible (Mexican tiled floors, I'm talking to you - I've seen way too many of you as of late) but this trend stands the test of time. Check out some inspiration below.

Via Style at Home

Via H2 Design and Build

Via H2 Design and Build

Image via K by Juma

image via Trad Home

via H2 Design and Build

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via Style at Home

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