Designer Spotlight - Rebecca Gibbs

If you’ve been reading and following on IG for a while, you’ll know I gravitate to classic design with a twist. Rebecca Gibbs caught my eye with a green tiled kitchen. The unexpected touch with beautiful results made me follow her immediately. I am so pleased she agreed to do a Q&A with me and share some photos of her recent work. Below you’ll find her insights into how she got her start, how she sets goals and stays productive. Stay tuned for a second post on Rebecca’s top 3 Styling Tips!

Professional Background: As an eight-year-old I remember my dad telling me that one day I could make a job out of creating beautiful homes for people, but that I needed to stop reorganizing and rearranging my sisters’ things! So I knew that was what I wanted to do one day! In 2008, after going to school for a four-year degree in interior design, I applied for the only full-service design studio in the small Texas town where I live. I worked as a designer and basically as a general contractor on small remodels for four years. I learned so much about the ins-and-outs of what it takes to execute a successful design and all the logistics during that time. In 2012, my husband decided to get a masters in sustainable building practices which took us to Nashville for a year. I was fortunate to work with the talented Beth Haley and her design team while I was in Nashville. Although we loved Nashville, we knew we wanted to be back in Abilene, Texas to have a family and start our own businesses. We moved back, and I started my own design firm out of our house.

What spurred me to start my own business: I really just never considered anything else. My husband and I are both pretty frugal and haven’t ever felt like money was the drive behind our work, which has been both good and bad. There was a point in which you definitely could have called us starving artists (haha)— but it really didn’t matter because I was so passionate about it. I started out designing a nursery for a friend, and then off of a recommendation did finish and fixture selections and drew cabinet elevations for a large remodel. Little by little, word of mouth helped me grow! I got pregnant with my first of four sons during my first month of business and I’ve been pregnant most of the time since starting my business. I hired someone to help keep my little ones as I could afford it…I designed 2 days a week for several years and am now designing 3 days a week.

Anyone looking to follow in my footsteps:

I would say don’t let anything make you feel like you are unqualified. You are the most qualified person to express your own design perspective.

Do your research and be aware of the fact that a whole lot more goes into successful design than just a good eye. School could be your path, or hiring the right people (ie a draftsperson) to ensure that you are designing comprehensively.

Also, be brave!...make yourself available for hire to style someone’s shelves or rearrange their random assortment of furniture. There are always people wanting a fresh eye on their spaces. Even if their items aren’t your first choice, I think you truly grow when you have budget limitations and have to use your knowledge of the basic principles of design. Regardless of what style or pieces your client has, those elements of design are always present and waiting for your special eye to give the space a new life.

Setting Goals: I am always very cautious and realistic when it comes to setting goals or expectations for myself. I want to know I can achieve them before I pour too much energy and love into an idea. Not sure that’s a very fabulous or inspiring perspective, but everything about my business has grown very organically and slowly. Currently the goa