Table Top Style Steps

The secret to a beautiful table scape is to layer lovely yet functional items. Here is how I break it down. Click photos for sources.

Start with a beautiful table cloth - we have lovely selection to choose from on our website.

Rattan Charger - adds a beautiful layer to any table top. These are essential IMO.

Casa Bugatti cutlery. Stylish yet timeless cutlery that is also excellent quality. We use these every day.

Gold Charger Plates - don’t overspend on layering pieces like these. Some simple melamine ones like these will do the trick without breaking the bank.

An antique silver Soup Tureen is an excellent vessel for table top centrepieces. I found mine on ebay for around £40. I couldn’t find one I like as much as mine but this one is lovely - just needs a bit of silver polish.

Pick up on some of the colours in your table cloth with a pair of these beautiful candle sticks.

Add a complimentary coloured tapered candles

to keep the eye moving add accessories to vary the height, keep the symmetry and add interest to different parts of the tablescape. I love using tiny flowers stuck into flower frogs in egg cups. Mine are silver antiques that my mother in law gave me but any neutral ones will do! I found these above on Etsy.

The aforementioned flower frogs. You can get them on Amazon too.