The Five Best Spots for Lunch in Saint Anton and where we stayed.

What do you like to get out of your ski trips? Are you looking for great snow, vast terrain, struddle, spätzle, lederhosen, cute towns, beer, champagne, shopping? You'll find that and more in St Anton and the surrounding towns. One of the big advantages is that Lech, Zurs, Stuben, Rendle and St Anton are connected via pistes and chairlifts making it one of the most interesting places to ski where you rarely have to do the same run twice in a week. We landed into Innsbruck with our friends and had a driver with a large van meet us for the hour and a half transfer. We arrived at Chalet Arianne which is a three bedroom condo in a small complex called Eden Rock and run by Kaluma Ski. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised. It was lovelier than it appeared online. Newly constructed, it had all the cosiness and luxury you want after a day on the slopes. The fully catered chalet comes with daily room service, breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner and cocktails, beer and wine. They also provided daily lunch for our little ones who were too young for ski school and staying behind with nannies. The chalet came with a concierge who booked our lunches on the hill and the one dinner we had out of the chalet. I was pregnant with my second child when we arrived in Austria; and while the fresh mountain air seemed to all but cure the dreadful morning sickness I had been experiencing, I was equally happy to chill out at our amazing chalet and read while the children went off to visit the cows or headed into town to play at the soft play. All children under 3 got their equipment for free and we would spend the earlier parts of the mornings on the magic carpet with them before venturing off. The benefit of not having school aged children was that we could go at off peak times and avoid the dreaded British "half term".

Where to Stay- For a chalet experience, Eden Rock was amazing. A more affordable option is Pepi Gabi in Sant Anton Town. I would also go back and stay at one of the gorgeous hotels in Lech.

Where to Eat Lunch-  The group of friends we do ski holidays with are all on the same page. We're no longer interested in being daredevils, skiing off piste or hiking with our skis on our backs. We want to cruise our way to a nice lunch followed by an Apres ski drink before hanging with the kids or getting a massage. Here are some of the places we recommend:

1. Schlegelkopf(Lech)

- on the finer side of dining at the top of the Schlegelkopfbahn lift.

- live entertainment, wine, champagne and whisky tastings (we ran into some prettyhappy people who were coming from a wine tasting here)

2. Balmalp(Lech)

- make sure you get an outdoor seat if the sun is shining and the pizza is to die for here.

3. Hospiz Alm(St. Anton)

- This place is legendary with photos of royalty and celebrities decorating the walls. It has an enormous wine cellar and you can take a slide to get to the washrooms! We went for lunch.

4. Rendle(St. Anton)

- we actually went here for dinner, once the lifts close, you have to be transported to this place via snow cat which was a lot of fun! NB: It's cash only

5. Haus No 8(Lech)

- This place was so adorable, it couldn't be more typically Tyrolean. Located in Lech town, we actually brought the kids here after their little magic carpet/kiddie ski morning. We started with a horse ride around town on a horse drawn carriage and finished with lunch here. The wonderful driver from Eden Rock collected us and everyone napped in the car on the way home.


Mooservirt(St. Anton) if you haven't heard of this place, google it.... It's a big party that starts at around 3 PM and goes until 3 AM. Think dancing on tables and lot of beer. We went was one time too many for me.

Krone Bar(Lech) - much more my speed. It's part of the Krone Hotel and has a lovely outdoor bar in Lech town. We took the bus back to St. Anton. Eden Rock's driver will also come and collect you if they aren't busy.

If you're staying at Eden Rock, Apres at the chalet is a great option. They serve "afternoon tea" which hits the spot and the kids can go swimming while you drink your champagne poolside.

Check out our Instagram highlight on St. Anton for more information!

Have you been to St Anton, Lech or Zurs? What would you recommend? We'd love to hear from you.