Under £20 Gifts for Children under 7.

  1. Easiest game to play - perfect for travel. Pick up sticks

  2. Another classic game, this folds flat and bonus, it looks great on display Who Am I?

  3. like Pick up Sticks but more complex BBQ game

  4. A Crown will always be a great gift.

  5. Same with a Wand .

  6. For the budding gardener: a garden kit

  7. A Craft kit is always a great gift especially when kids are home from school for the holidays.

  8. Jenga - classic!

  9. All kids love dressing up. This Armour is so cute.

  10. London Landmarks puzzle is a fun way for kids to learn about London.

  11. A Knight Helmet to go with the armour.

  12. Crown Headband because no one can never have too many crowns.

  13. Cosmic Craft Set is a fun alien crafting gift.

  14. Santa Socks - ho ho ho!

  15. This Origami Set is cute and will create hours of focused zen time.

  16. Flying Saucer - so fun!

  17. Foam Cone - my sister in law got this for my 3 year old and she and our 5 year old would happily play with this in the bath for hours.

  18. Twister - great way to learn left and right!

  19. Light up Writing Pad - perfect for a reluctant writer or a budding artist.