What started as a lockdown project born out of boredom has blossomed into a lifestyle brand that continues to grow. My collection highlights modern British style with a nod to tradition. I wanted to develop and sell products that had a big visual impact without the commitment.Table linens and table top decor are like magic - they can change the look and feel of your space but can easily be swapped out or removed all together.

While I am a design and home decor enthusiast, I have no background in this area and what I've created has involved a lot of trial and error. It has been a new adventure where I continue to learn and try new things every day. In addition to bringing you beautiful hand crafted linens and objects for your home, I want to pull back the curtain on how I started my business and how I continue to grow it. 

At the heart of this business is my genuine desire to help make your home a classic yet directional reflection of you and to share what I’ve learned along the way. 


Julie, Founder of Fox & Park